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Ring Reinforcement is the 6th episode of ECW Exposed.


The ECW fans take it to the extreme when they literally bring down the house celebrating with Public Enemy.

List of ECW Exposed episodes

She's HardcoreTake It To RightRogue RefereeLong Live TazHardcore Heaven 1995Ring ReinforcementPlease Don't GoCane DeweySteve-A-ManiaThat's Not For YouPublic TrainingWelcome To DudleyvilleNovember To Remember 1995It's Sabu!I'm Hardcore, I'm Hardcore!The Extreme UnderdogUncle EricWax On, Wax OffCyberslam 1996Pillman Vs The PencilSpitting ImageBon AppetitBye Bye CactusEcw Exposed LiveEcw Exposed Part 2

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