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Rikidōzan (November 14, 1924 – December 15, 1963) was a professional wrestler, known as the "Father of Puroresu" and one of the most influential men in wrestling history. He was credited with bringing the sport of professional wrestling to Japan at a time when the Japanese needed a local hero to look up to.

Championships and accomplishments

Popular culture

In 2004, A South Korean film, Rikidozan was made about the life of the wrestler, with Sol Kyung-gu playing the titular role.

Rikidōzan himself appeared in 29 films, including:

  • Otsukisama ni wa warui kedo (1954) as himself
  • Yagate aozora (1955) as himself
  • Rikidōzan monogatari dotō no otoko (1955) as himself

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