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Richmond Coliseum is an arena in Richmond, Virginia, where the SPHL Richmond Renegades played until the 2008-2009 season and the SIFL Richmond Raiders will play starting with the 2010 season. It is also the venue for various large concerts. The arena opened in 1971 and holds 13,500 people. A small fire occurred there in 1997, shutting it down for repairs. It is managed by SMG.


Date Event Attendance
May 11, 1997In Your House 15: A Cold Day in Hell9,381
December 17, 2006Armageddon8,200
September 11, 2016Backlash7,000

Television Programs

Date Event
November 20, 1995RAW
November 25, 1995Superstars of Wrestling
November 27, 1995RAW
December 4, 1995RAW
May 4, 1998RAW
May 9, 1998Shotgun Saturday Night
September 30, 1999SmackDown
October 3, 1999Heat
December 30, 1999SmackDown
January 2, 2000Heat
May 4, 2000SmackDown
May 7, 2000Heat
June 11, 2001RAW
June 16, 2001Jakked
January 28, 2002RAW
February 2, 2002Jakked
August 8, 2002SmackDown
August 10, 2002Velocity
April 14, 2003RAW
April 20, 2003Heat
June 28, 2004RAW
December 2, 2004SmackDown
December 4, 2004Velocity
February 24, 2006SmackDown
February 25, 2006Velocity
June 18, 2007RAW
June 22, 2007Heat
January 1, 2008ECW
January 4, 2008SmackDown
August 11, 2008RAW
July 21, 2009ECW
July 23, 2009Superstars
July 24, 2009SmackDown
April 26, 2010RAW
November 16, 2010NXT
November 18, 2010Superstars
November 19, 2010SmackDown
June 6, 2011RAW
December 21, 2011NXT
December 22, 2011Superstars
December 23, 2011SmackDown
May 21, 2012RAW
January 2, 2013Main Event
January 4, 2013SmackDown
February 2, 2013Saturday Morning Slam
June 10, 2013RAW
June 14, 2013Superstars
December 30, 2013RAW
January 3, 2014Superstars
July 14, 2014RAW
July 17, 2014Superstars
May 18, 2015RAW
May 21, 2015Superstars
March 28, 2017SmackDown

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