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This is a list of wrestlers who wrestle or have wrestled in Real Pro Wrestling Federation.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
B.G. James TBA N/A
Breaker Morant Matt Boyd N/A
Cannonball Virgil D'Antonio N/A
Zach Gowen Zach Gowen N/A
Gyoza TBA N/A
D-Ray 3000
Lance Cade
John Logan TBA N/A
Johnny Fearless TBA N/A
Christian Cage TBA N/A
Salvatore Sincere TBA N/A
Black Machismo Jay Lethal TBA N/A
Nicholas Tide TBA N/A
Billy Gunn TBA N/A
Radical 1 Ralph Hickenbottom TBA N/A
Rockin Rebel TBA N/A
Sensational One TBA N/A
Steve the Teacher TBA N/A
The Patriot TBA N/A
Dustin Rhodes TBA N/A
Justin Credible TBA N/A
The Great Cerenzio TBA N/A
Primetime Tommy Johnson TBA N/A

Female Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Ivory TBA N/A
Lady Lee TBA N/A
Missy Sampson TBA N/A
Officer Mercy TBA N/A
Simply Luscious Veronica Stevens N/A
Sizzlin' Summer Summer Botzer N/A
Sumie Sakai TBA N/A
Tara Bush TBA N/A
Tempra-Mental TBA {{{1}}}

Stables & Tag Teams

Team name Members Notes
Beauty and the Beast Love Bug & Marshall Law N/A
The Faculty Diego Demarco & White Lotus N/A
The Hardcore Mafia Bruno DeMaio & Frankie Angelini N/A
The San Antonio Showstoppers (S.A.S.S.) Tempra-Mental, Lance Cade, & The Radical 1 N/A


Ring name Real name Notes
Cammo TBA manages The Great Cerenzio

Desi TBA manages C.M. Serenyi

Tempra-Mental TBA Manages The Radical 1

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