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RDPW Kadena Battle Fiesta ~Pro Wrestling~ was an event by Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling which took place on February 11, 2013 in Okinawa, Japan.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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2013 results
Kadena Battle Fiesta ~Pro Wrestling~12/1
2014 results
1/41/51/111/121/131/181/192/12/22/8Kadena Battle Festa 22/152/162/22 (1)2/22 (2)3/13/153/163/22@ JA Okinawa Branch Festival4/54/64/12Raising An Army 1st Anniversary Show4/295/35/4Children's Day Special! Flea Market!Golden Week Special!5/105/115/175/185/246/17RDPW-FREEDOMS Kadena Wrestling Festival6/146/216/226/29@ Mahaina Festa 20147/6Koza Battle Festa 39/7@ Discover Okinawa Entertainment Showcase 20149/13RDPW-Superman Taro Produce@ Mizuki Association 20149/21@ Pacific Festival 201410/19Halloween Town In Koza Machinaka Costume Pro-Wrestling11/111/211/311/811/911/15Life Is Beautiful Issai Gam Matsuri Special Show12/6Naha Mall Pro-WrestlingKoza Battle Festa 4Fan Appreciation 2 Days - Night 1Fan Appreciation 2 Days - Night 2
2015 results
New Year Battle Beginning@ Nakijin Aiai Handmade Farm@ Nago Sakura Matsuri@ Ijimachu Panja Matsuri 2015@ Chiyubu Koiki Sangyo MatsuriKadena Battle Festa 32/283/73/213/223/284/44/114/184/19Raising An Army 2nd Anniversary Show5/3Children's Day SpecialBeauty & Children's Zoo Wrestling FestivalDedicated To Mother5/235/30Dandan ProKadena Pro-Wresting FestivalNago Battle Festa7/18Street Food Village Pro-WrestlingSocial Welfare CharityGoodbye MantaroNaha Battle Festa 2Gasakae Tournament - Night 1Gasakae Tournament - Night 2Gasakae Tournament 2015 FinalsNan Kuru Nai Saikitto In OsakaRyukyu Dragon Night
2016 results

New Year Series First StepKadena Battle FestaSaver Produce Churaumi Story4/33rd Anniversary ShowMede Gekokujo SpecialSoki ProduceGW Series 3rd RoundManga Warehouse Urasoe ShopBeauty And Children's Zoo Wrestling FestivalFREEDOMS-RDPW Haisai Shinkiba! Ryukyu Dragon Came To Shinkiba!FREEDOMS-RDPW Kadena Pro-Wrestling Festival 2016Naha Battle Festa 36/11 Nankuru No Circuit In Osaka II7/31Koza Battle Festa 2016@ Uruma Kawada Community Center Summer Festival@ Manga Warehouse Naha Shop9/10Naha Battle Festa 4@ Mahaina Festa@ Manga Warehouse Urasoe Shop (9/25)@ Nokuni Sokan Matsuri10/9@ Manga Warehouse Naha Shop (10/10)FREEDOMS-RDPW Miyakojima Pro-Wrestling Festival 2016

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