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This is a list of wrestlers who formerly wrestled in Pure Wrestling Association, but aren't active roster members.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Alex York TBA N/A
Andrew Davis TBA N/A
Buck 10 TBA N/A
Cade Von Dutch TBA N/A
Chris Kanyon TBA N/A
Claudio Castagnoli TBA N/A
Dereck Wylde TBA N/A
Hacksaw Jim Duggan TBA N/A
Hayden Avery TBA N/A
Hornet TBA N/A
Jake O'Reilly TBA N/A
Jeff Black TBA N/A
Joe E. Legend TBA N/A
Johnny Devine TBA N/A
Kris Chambers TBA N/A
Kris White TBA N/A
Logan Savage TBA N/A
Marc Mandrake TBA N/A
Mikey TBA N/A}
Mike Stevens TBA N/A}
Rees Reynolds TBA N/A
Quinson Valentino TBA N/A
Ricky Reyes TBA N/A
Rico Montana TBA N/A
Samoa Joe TBA N/A
Sean Ball TBA N/A
Shawn Morgan TBA N/A
Shawn Spears TBA N/A
Sinn Kizarny TBA N/A
Steve Brown TBA N/A
Steve Corino TBA N/A
Vance Nevada TBA N/A
Viking TBA N/A

Female Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
21st Century Fox TBA N/A
Aurora TBA N/A
Cheerleader Melissa Melissa Anderson N/A
Cherry Bomb TBA N/A
Danyah TBA N/A
Ferrari TBA N/A
Ivory Lisa Moretti N/A
Krystal Banks TBA N/A
Lufisto Genny Goulet N/A
Missy Hyatt TBA N/A
Molly Holly Nora Greenwald N/A
Portia Perez Jenna Grattan N/A
Sara Del Rey Sara Amato N/A
She Nay Nay Sara Amato N/A
Stefany Sinclair TBA N/A
Taylor Wilde Shantelle Malawski N/A

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