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Pro Wrestling Syndicate is an American independent promotion dealing primarily in professional wrestling. The promotion holds events throughout the state of New Jersey. Owned by Eric Pleska, PWS also offers training to anyone interested in becoming a wrestler. The head trainer is Pat Buck who is also co-owner of the business.


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Pro Wrestling Syndicate roster
Brodus ClayBlue MeanieMatt Hardy
Pro Wrestling Syndicate events
Majestic MayhemBelleville BreakdownRefuse To LoseBlitzkrieg IIFirestorm II
Brawl For Paul

VendettaConnecticut Carnage


Spring Break ShowdownRefuse To Lose IIFight Night


Super Card 2012Refuse To Lose 20125 Year Anniversary - Day 15 Year Anniversary - Day 2Saved By The Ring BellBombshells 1PWS eventThe Show Must Go OnBombshells 2Fight Mare Before Christmas


Student ClashThank You JerryBombshells 3Proving GroundSuper Card 2013 - Day 1Super Card 2013 - Day 2Bombshells 4Empire State Strike BackDream onBombshells 5Bombshells 6Return To RahwayBombshells 7Fight Night 1RetaliationWrestle BowlBombshells 8Fight Night 2


Homecoming HavocFight Night 3Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling 9Belleville BedlamSpring BreakdownRefuse To LoseSuper CardAll Fired UpMonday Night Mayhem 110/31Monday Night Mayhem 2Monday Night Mayhem 4WrestlebowlMonday Night Mayhem 3Monday Night Mayhem 5Nightmare Before Christmas


Frozen FalloutRefuse 2 LoseFight NightParade Of ChampionsSpring BreakdownDouble Trouble RumbleSupercard7/25Starland Ballroom9/1210/310/24Wrestle Bowl11/21Fightmare Before X-Mas


GFW vs PWS 2016Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling 10Supercard 2016

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