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Main Rosters

Heavyweight wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Akitoshi Saito Akitoshi Saito
Davey Boy Smith Jr. Harry Smith GHC Tag Team Champion
Go Shiozaki Go Shiozaki Freelancer
Jonah Rock Unknown Freelancer
Katsuhiko Nakajima Katsuhiko Nakajima
Lance Archer Lance Hoyt GHC Tag Team Champion
Masa Kitamiya Mitsuhiro Kitamiya
Masato Tanaka Masato Tanaka Pro Wrestling Zero1
Maybach Taniguchi Shuhei Taniguchi
Minoru Suzuki Minoru Suzuki Freelancer
Muhammad Yone Satoshi Yoneyama
Naomichi Marufuji Naomichi Marufuji Vice President of Pro Wrestling Noah
Quiet Storm Unknown
Shelton X Benjamin Shelton Benjamin
Takashi Iizuka Takayuki Iizuka New Japan Pro Wrestling
Takashi Sugiura Takashi Sugiura GHC Heavyweight Champion
Yoshihiro Takayama Yoshihiro Takayama Takayama Dojo

Junior heavyweight wrestlers

Ring name Real name Notes
Atsushi Kotoge Atsushi Kotoge GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
Captain Noah Shoji Akiyoshi Head booker
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Daisuke Harada Daisuke Harada GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
El Desperado Kyosuke Mikami New Japan Pro Wrestling
Genba Hirayanagi Tsutomu Hirayanagi
Hajime Ohara Hajime Ohara
Hitoshi Kumano Hitoshi Kumano
Kaito Kiyomiya Kaito Kiyomiya
Kenoh Daisuke Nakae
Shiro Tomoyose Shiro Tomoyose
Super Crazy Francisco Islas Rueda
Taichi Taichiro Maki New Japan Pro Wrestling
Taiji Ishimori Taiji Ishimori
Taka Michinoku Takao Yoshida Kaientai Dojo
Yoshinari Ogawa Yoshinari Ogawa
Yoshinobu Kanemaru Yoshinobu Kanemaru GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion

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