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Pro Wrestling Epic (PWE) is an American independent professional wrestling company based in Lincoln, Illinois.  Established in 2009, PWE runs shows in Lincoln, Springfield, Mount Pulaski, Waynesville, and Atlanta, Illinois.  PWE is featured at two of the top festivals in the state of Illinois every August, The Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival and the Waynesville Fall Fling.


The first PWE event, "April Fools" was held at Club Chrome in Springfield, Illinois on April 4, 2009.  This event featured Al Snow and saw Bloody Harker Dirge become the first champion of the company.  In August 2009, PWE was featured as a part of the Lincoln Art and Balloon festival, a festival that garners national attention.  PWE still performs every year at the Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival.  In April 2010, PWE started doing shows at the Mt. Pulaski American Legion Hall on a regular basis.  Shows were held reguraly at this venue until May 2013.  In August 2010, PWE started doing shows at the Waynesville Fall Fling and continue to do so every year.  PWE has also held shows at the Capital City Bar & Grill in Springfield, IL, Logan County Fairgrounds in Lincoln, IL, Phanny's Bar in Atlanta, IL and most recently at the American Legion Hall in Waynesville, IL.  In April 2011 PWE started its Epic 8 Tournament, a tournament that features top independent talent from around the midwest, the winner of the tournament receives a Pro Wrestling Epic title shot.


Current Champions

Championship Champion (s) Defeated Date Won
PWE Heavyweight Championship Blake Steel Brandon Espinosa October 18, 2013
PWE United States Championship Ace Hawkins Matty Montcalm August 17, 2013
PWE Tag Team Championship Mephisto + Dave Osborne Mississippi Madman October 18, 2013

PWE Heavyweight Championship History:  Bloody Harker Dirge became the first PWE Champion on April 4, 2009 when he defeated Al Snow.  Dirge would later lose the title to Keith Walker on November 6, 2009.  Walker was forced to vacate the title on June 19, 2010 after signing a deal in Japan.  On August 28, 2010 The Mississippi Madman defeated "The Future" Donovan Ruddick to win the vacated title.  On June 24, 2011 the first ever Epic 8 Tournament winner, Brandon Espinosa cashed in his contract and defeated the 450LB Mississippi Madman to win the title.  Espinosa would lose the title on April 27, 2012 to ROH star Jimmy Jacobs .  Espinosa would reclaim the belt on November 9, 2012 by defeating Jacobs in a no DQ match.  On August 17, 2013 PWE would hold two shows, on the first show Blake Steel beat Brandon Espinosa for the title, but would lose it back to Espinosa for Espy's third reign as champion at the second show.  On October 18, 2013 Steel and Espinosa would meet again in a 30-minute Iron Man Match, with Steel prevailing to begin his second reign as champion.

PWE United States Championship History: Mephisto became the first champion on April 4, 2009 when he defeated Napalm.  Mephisto was stripped of the title by PWE president Anderson Rhodes on June 20, 2009.  On that same day Mark Sterling would beat Hunter Mathews and Krotch to win the vacated title.  On April 17, 2010 Brandon Aarons would beat Mark Sterling to win the title.  Blake Steel beat Aarons for the title on August 21, 2010.  Steel would hold the title until June 24, 2011 when Evan Money would claim the belt.  Evan Money was forced to vacate the belt on October 5, 2011 after suffering career threatening injuries in a car accident.  On November 12, 2011 Ace Hawkins would beat Jordan McEntyre to win the vacated belt.  Hawkins would hold the title for nearly two years until Matty Montcalm claimed the title on June 29, 2013.  Hawkins would, however quickly reclaim the title from Montcalm for his second reign as champion on August 17, 2013.

PWE Tag Team Championship History: Brett Gaykia and CJ Esparza collectively known as "Zero Gravity" defeated Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz "The Northstar Express" to become the first champions. On June 26, 2010 the team of "Dead Sexy" Aaron Mathews and Jeff Harris defeated "Zero Gravity" to become champions.  On November 13, 2010 the team of Mephisto and Kurt Styles would defeat "Dead Sexy" to win the titles.  On February 26, 2011 Mephisto vacated the titles due to his partner Kurt Styles no showing the event and him having a cracked skull.  On that same night the team of Devin + Mason Cutter "The Hooligans" would defeat the team of Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins to win the titles.  On November 9, 2012 PWE President Ben Simon would strip the Hooligans of the titles thus leaving the belts vacate once more.  On that same night the team of the Mississippi Madman and KC Jackson "The Money Makin Jam Boyz" would win a three way Tag Team Match defeating Alex Rudolph and Mephisto and Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico "The Submission Squad" to win the vacated titles.  On October 18, 2013 the team of Mephisto and Dave Osborne would beat the Mississippi Madman in a Handi-cap Match to win the belts.

Heritage Wrestling Coalition Championship:  The Heritage Wrestling Coalition Championship has also been defended at Pro Wrestling Epic. On June 26, 2010 at "Damnocracy" "The Future" Donovan Ruddick defeated Champion Jimmy Karryt to win the title.

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