Hardcore Wrestling Variations

Extreme Hardcore involves a lot of weapons and very few rules. A high risk of injury. Most popular in the United States and Canada.

Fire Hardcore involves more fire in matches instead of non-fire matches. A high risk of death or injury. Most popular in Backyard Wrestling promotions.

Hardcore involves normal hardcore weapons and several rules. A lower risk of injury. Most Popular in the United States, Japan, Canada, and in Backyard Wrestling promotions.

Hardcore Wrestling Types

Outside the Boundaries refers to the match must end outside the ring by pin, submission or etc.

No Ring refers to the match doesn't take place or doesn't involve the use of the ring.

Blood Mayhem refers to winning a match by making an opponent blood to win the match.

Throwin the Quit refers to making opponent say "mercy" or "Give Up".

Chained Mayhem refers to a match were the ropes are replaced with metal chain ropes and the floor padding gets removed

Sleeper Mayhem refers to winning the match by making opponent "fall asleep".

Ghost Referee refers to having no referee and winning by pinning an opponent for nine seconds. A stop clock is used to count the pin. There are no rope breaks or countouts.

Crowd Massacre refers to a match that starts in the crowd and going outside the crowd results in a disqualification. Match must end in the crowd area.


Rules are used to keep wrestlers from breaking the rules or from the wrestlers injuring themselves or their opponents.

Rules in every wrestling promotion are similar to each other and are usually enforced by the promotion or owner of the promotion. A rule can be made or changed by a General manager of a promotion or brand if that General manager gets permission by the owner of that brand or promotion.

General structure

These are the rules for singles and tag team matches. These rules are different from the other professional rulebook.

These are created to help wrestlers do what is right or just to break the rules.

Tag rules

Main article: Tag team

Scoring conditions

These are the most popular ways in professional wrestling to win a match.

Other matches have different ways to win.

Ways to win

In hardcore wrestling there are different ways to win matches and a different set of rules. Here are the ways to win matches:

    • by pin or submission
    • by putting opponent through a table or set opponent on fire
    • by grabbing the title belt
    • by escaping the cage
    • by knockout (ten count or regular knockout)
    • by submission
    • putt opponent inside something
    • throw over the top rope (rumble matches only)

Championship titles

CHW Hardcore Championship