The Prairie Wrestling Alliance (PWA) is an independent wrestling promotion based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, since 2001. The PWA is owned, operated, and promoted by Kurt Sorochan and Don Ferguson. Its head booker is Lance Storm.


The PWA was established in March 2001 by Kurt Sorochan, Tex Gaines, and Hercules Ayala. Their first shows were outside of Edmonton due to the difficulty of getting a promoter's license. Their first show in Edmonton drew over 700 people.

In 2003, they put on monthly events, which got mostly good reviews. The following year in 2004, however, they put on fewer shows due to scheduling conflicts. The company relaunched it's shows in October 2004 with Night of Champions.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Previous Date Won Location
PWA Championship Chris Steele "T-Bone" Jack Sloan October 15, 2010 Calgary, AB
PWA Cruiserweight Championship Andrew Hawkes (tournament final) Chucky Blaze September 24, 2011 Edmonton, AB
PWA Canadian Tag Team Championship Chucky Blaze and "T-Bone" Jack Sloan Eclipse and Evan Adams September 16, 2011 Calgary, AB
PWA Mayhem Championship "M" Marky Mark "T-Bone" Jack Sloan June 25, 2011 Edmonton, AB
PWA Women's Championship Jordyn Brooks Valkyrie September 24, 2011 Edmonton, AB

Notable wrestlers


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