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Powerteam USA were a short lived group of four bodybuilders turned wrestlers in the California wrestling territories in late 1985.


Powerteam USA made their professional wrestling debut in 1985 after being trained by Red Bastien and Rick Bassman.

It consisted of Steve Borden (who would later gain success under the moniker of "Sting"), Jim Hellwig (who would later gain success as "The Ultimate Warrior"), "Garland Donoho", "Mark Miller" and Ed Brock. The team was managed by Bassman as they tried to break into the wrestling business.

They went by these pseudonyms:


After only a short time in the business both Donoho and Miller quit due to lack of success and business savvy.

Hellwig and Borden remained, teaming together as they traveled to Jerry Jarrett's Memphis-basd Continental Wrestling Association as the Freedom Fighters and later on to the Mid-South Wrestling of Bill Watts (later renamed Universal Wrestling Federation) as the Blade Runners before splitting up.

Manager Rick Bassman would eventually become a pro wrestler himself and a wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts promoter in California where he founded and runs Ultimate Pro Wrestling. He was one of the trainers of the notable Ezekiel Jackson who became the ECW and Intercontinental champion.

What happened to Bastien and Brock is unknown.

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