A pillow fight match is a match, usually competing in by female wrestlers, in which the females hit each other with a pillow. A pillow fight match is also a variation of the classic children's game, pillow fighting, where a bunch of people hit each other with pillows and the last one standing wins.


Along with Evening Gown matches, Pudding matches, Mud Matches, Pool Matches, and Bra and Panties matches, many people have said that these kinds of matches cause women's wrestling to be seen as a joke. Other people criticize these kinds of matches as encouraging people to care more about sex appeal than wrestling. Stronger critics have said this is moving wrestling closing to the porn industry.

History of the Pillow Fight Match

No. Match Event, date and location Notes
I Terri Runnels defeated Stacy Keibler September 2, 2002 Monday Night Raw, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jerry Lawler served as the referee. Jerry Lawler gave hilarious commentary from within the ring. Terri wins this match. Stacy puts a clock inside one of the pillow cases and nails Terri with it. Stacy pours tar all over Terri, and covers her with feathers.
II Christy Hemme defeated Carmella DeCesare in a Lingerie Pillow Match Taboo Tuesday 2004, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Fans were told to choose between an Evening Gown Match (34%), an Aerobics Challenge (10%), or a Lingerie Pillow Fight (56%). They wasted an unbearable amount of time showing them getting changed behind screens which Lawler marked out for. Christie Hemme won by knocking Carmella out with a stiff pillow-shot to the cranium.
III Christy Hemme defeated Stacy Keibler in a Lingerie Pillow Match November 15, 2004 RAW, Indianapolis, Indiana N/A
IV Christy Hemme defeated Maria Kanellis January 10, 2005 RAW, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Candice Michelle served as the referee.
V Christy Hemme defeated Candice Michelle in a Lingerie Pillow Match May 16, 2005 RAW, Omaha, Nebraska N/A
VI Torrie Wilson defeated Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight WrestleMania 22, April 2, 2006, Chicago, Illinois N/A
VII Franco D'Angelo (Team Chris) defeated Jerry Brown (Team Larry) in an Extreme Pillow Fight Professional Championship Wrestling – Fight-Win-Survive Week #4, August 12, 2006 N/A
VIII Ashley Massaro defeated Maria Kanellis, Mickie James, Melina Perez, and Jillian Hall January 7, 2008 RAW, Uncasville, Connecticut N/A
IX Ike Stevens defeated Tony Teabags American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, South Carolina, February 8, 2008 N/A
X Stephanie Pietz vs. Koa Marie Turner vs. Kiara Dillon November 24, 2009 - 2009 Hulkamania Tour - Let The Battle Begin, Perth, Australia N/A


  • Christy Hemme has been involved in the most Pillow Fight matches (4).

Pillow Fight Leagues

In recent years, there has been a push to establish many female pillow fighting leagues, perhaps influenced by the Pillow Fight match. Prominent pillow fighting leagues include Pillow Fight League (based out of Ontario, Canada).

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