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This is a list of wrestlers who wrestle or have wrestled in PCWA.


Male Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Andy Header TBA N/A
Arbo TBA N/A
Booger Powell TBA N/A
Chef DZ Gillespie TBA N/A
Chris Banks TBA N/A
Cody Adams TBA N/A
Cole Callaway TBA N/A
Count Lestat TBA N/A
Damien HS Darling TBA N/A
Dareran Meralic TBA N/A
Dennis Reaper TBA N/A
Dirt Bag Dan TBA N/A
Domanick Monroe TBA N/A
Ed House TBA N/A
Evan Underwood TBA N/A
G.I. Bear TBA N/A
Jamie Magnum TBA N/A
Jeckell TBA N/A
Jimi "The High Flyin" Hippie TBA N/A
K Funk TBA N/A
Ken Vaughn TBA N/A
Kryptic Keegan TBA N/A
Lucifer Grim TBA N/A
Nick Destiny TBA N/A
Ox Hogg TBA N/A
Sam The Man TBA N/A
Scotty Priest TBA N/A
Sheik Amed Nissar TBA N/A
Southern Lucha TBA N/A
IB Greene TBA N/A
"The Idol" Mike Marvel TBA N/A
"The Outlaw" Sean Silence TBA N/A
Unbreakable Andy TBA N/A

Female Wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Autumn Breeze TBA N/A
Jesse Belle TBA N/A
Rebecca Payne TBA N/A
Summer Summer Botzer N/A

Stables & Tag Teams

Team name Members Notes
Lawless Idols "The Outlaw" Sean Silence, "The Idol" Mike Marvel N/A
The A Team Arbo & Unbreakable Andy N/A
The Lost Souls ? & ? N/A
Pretty Dirty Dirt Bag Dan & "Mr. No Limits" Chris Banks N/A
Southern HD Southern Lucha & Dareran Meralic N/A

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