PB 2015 Barrett v Neville

At WWE Payback on the award-winning WWE Network, King Barrett will go head-to-head with Neville, in a battle which could bring the monarchy to new heights.

The WWE Universe really took notice of The Man That Gravity Forgot, the New Sensation, Neville, when he provided an inspiring performance in the King of the Ring Tournament on April 28 – bouncing back from Barrett’s hard-hitting attack in the finals with a jaw-dropping, high-flying display. But after missing his signature Red Arrow, Neville ultimately found himself grounded by a mid-air Bull Hammer Elbow. One has to wonder whether history will repeat itself this Sunday.

Since their explosive clash, Neville has truly proved to be a tremendous thorn in the Barrett’s crown. While Sheamus assisted the royal brawler to steal a victory against the up-and-comer & Dolph Ziggler on last week’s Raw, Neville foiled the pair’s assault on The Showoff on SmackDown – helping Zigger to pin Barrett and handing him and The Celtic Warrior a loss in their second tag team encounter of the week. Clearly, the King will be out to squash such a disturbing uprising against his rule.

The Man That Gravity Forgot has quite simply lit up the squared-circle every time he has entered the ring. But, it remains to be seen whether he can finally take down the vicious Barrett and his Bull Hammer Elbow at WWE Payback this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on WWE Network? In any case, Neville will do well to remember that, bad news or no bad news, when you’re as tough as Barrett, it’s good to be King.

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