PB 2015 Ziggler v Sheamus

If any Superstar is out for payback this Sunday, it’s Dolph Ziggler.

Although Ziggler defeated Sheamus in their “Kiss Me Arse Match” at Extreme Rules, The Celtic Warrior couldn’t bear to adhere to the match stipulation. After delivering a post-match attack on his foe, Sheamus added insult to injury by rubbing Ziggler’s face across his backside. It was perhaps the most humiliating thing to unfold inside a WWE ring in 2015.

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As former World Champions, both Ziggler and Sheamus know what it's like to be at the top of the WWE food chain. Although there is no title on the line this Sunday, there is perhaps something more important for both combatants – pride.

Certainly, Ziggler wants to walk out of the Royal Farms Arena with his head held high. And the more vicious than ever ginger-headed juggernaut would love nothing more than to humiliate the bleached-blond Superstar one more time. Who will prevail?

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