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Paul 'The Dragon Slayer' Everest (3 May 1986) was an English trainee wrestler who attended the Runcorn Wrestling Academy training school and wrestled on their shows between February and September 2007.


St Patrick's Day Massacre Paul Everest made his debut in the Irish Rumble on St Patrick's Day in front of 250 people at the Grangeway Community Centre. He entered the rumble as not-so-lucky number 7 (of 15 participants) and for a few minutes showed determination by assisting Hannibal Ramseed in his unsuccessful efforts to eliminate Greg "The Hatchet" Hammond. When Black Knight entered the ring he eliminated nearly everyone in his way. Everest made the mistake of standing up to Black Knight who eliminated him following a vicious clothesline and a brutal sideslam.

Heart & Soul 2 At the next show, Heart & Soul 2, Everest made his singles debut against Maverick and showed off a new gimmick. "The Dragon Slayer" (an explorer, billed as being from the Himalayas) entered the RWA arena wearing hiking boots, a winter coat, a rucksack and other accessories. His new entrance music was "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" by The Proclaimers. At the start of the match, Everest showed off his chain wrestling skills and got the better of his opponent before being cut off with a low blow. He survived a single leg crab submission attempt and a superkick but eventually succumbed to an RKO.

Phoenix Rising Between Heart & Soul 2 and Phoenix Rising, the RWA made all its trainees take a bleep test twice in order to monitor improvements in their cardiovascular endurance. Everest and Zack Diamond would share the honours, winning one each. Diamond was happy to have someone who could match his stamina in the ring so issued a challenge for a singles match and Everest accepted. This was later changed to a tag match because Joker Rico was also furious at Everest for beating him during the bleep test on both occasions by a considerable margin. Paul Razor (a novice traveller who accompanied Everest on his hikes) offered to help and the match was on.

In the tag team showdown, Everest showed off some new moves and good tandem offence with Razor. The duo lasted longer than the fans expected but the end came when Everest was distracted by Diamond and turned round into a Joker Rico spear. Rico then followed up with a backcracker and Diamond finished it off with a frog splash. After the bout, Rico and Diamond disgraced Everest's union jack flag with a variety of obscene gestures.

Summer Showdown Everest next took on RWA owner Andy Baker as part of a gauntlet match. In this example of teacher vs student the teacher was truly the master. Everest could not overcome the technical skills of his powerful opponent and was pinned via roll up. Everest and Baker shook hands after the match but it was clear to see that Everest was disappointed with his third consecutive pinfall loss.

Boiling Point The next challenge for Everest and Razor (at this point called the Midnight Explorers) came from the controversial team of Baz Mac and Pitbull (also known as the Cowboys from Hell). Added to this was a unique stipulation called 'deep mountain rules' in which the combatants could use any item from inside the backpack belonging to Everest. The cowboys jumped the charismatic explorers during their entrance to gain an unfair advantage and both teams engaged in a major brawl. During the match many items were used as weapons (including a packed lunch, a boomerang and a rubber mallet). In the end, Pitbull managed to pin Everest following a spinebuster.

Event History

Date Show Match Result
17/03/07 St Patrick's Day Massacre Irish Rumble

Black Knight eliminated Paul Everest.

Rumble won by Jack Lightning.

28/04/07 Heart & Soul 2 Singles Maverick def. Paul Everest via pinfall.
16/06/07 Phoenix Rising Tag Team Zack Diamond & JokerRico def. Paul Everest & Paul Razor via pinfall.
21/07/07 Summer Showdown Gauntlet Andy Baker def. Rocket Powered Love Machine, Paul Razor, Paul Everest & JokerRico.
01/09/07 Boiling Point 2 Hardcore Babyfaced Pitbull & Laid Back Baz Mac def. The Midnight Explorers (Paul Razor & Paul Everest).


It is rumoured that Everest left the RWA and moved to the Highlands to focus solely on writing a book about his adventures around the world. However, he was recently spotted at in a gym in Leeds. The eyewitness reports said Everest was lifting weights and pounding the treadmill in preparation for a comeback at the 2012 Rumble in Runcorn in November.