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The Paparazzi Championship Series was a tournament that began at Turning Point 2006 and involved five X Division competitors competing in a variety of matches where points are awarded for victories. These matches included limbo, Texas hold 'em, musical chairs, and a push-up contest, among others. The tournament was created to give the wrestlers airtime while also continuing the Paparazzi Productions storyline surrounding Austin Starr, Alex Shelley and Kevin Nash. Throughout the competitions, Nash kept bringing up Bob Backlund, which led up to Backlund being a guest judge at Final Resolution 2007 during the finals of the competition. Shelley defeated Starr in the finals to win a bowling trophy presented by Nash at Final Resolution 2007. The other three participants in the tournament were Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Senshi. Nash viciously needled the other three (especially Dutt) throughout the challenge, but kept the actual competition fair and even, always inviting the losers of each contest to "feel free to kiss the winner".