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Champion history

Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Location:
Devon Moore1May 2, 2008Belleville, New Jersey
Trent Acid1May 29, 2009Garfield, New Jersey
Butterbean1May 29, 2009Garfield, New Jersey
Kevin Matthews1May 8, 2010White Plains, New York
Vacant -August 20, 2010 -
Devon Moore2August 22, 2010Fairfield, Connecticut
Sami Callihan1May 27, 2011Queens, New York
Kevin Matthews2June 2, 2012Rahway, New Jersey
Matt Hardy1November 9, 2012Rahway, New Jersey
Kevin Matthews3February 9, 2013Metuchen, New Jersey
Alex Reynolds1September 20, 2013Metuchen, New Jersey
Bonesaw1September 20, 2013Metuchen, New Jersey
Mario Bokara1April 26, 2014Metuchen, New Jersey

List of top combined reigns

Wrestler Times won Days Held
Devon Moore 1 392
Sami Callihan 1 372
Butterbean 1 344
Devon Moore 2 278
Kevin Matthews 3 224
Bonesaw 1 222
Kevin Matthews 2 160
Kevin Matthews 1 104
Mario Bokara 1 1093+
Matt Hardy 1 92
Trent Acid 1 0
Alex Reynolds 1 0

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