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The first annual Battle of Los Angeles was held on September 3 and September 4, 2005 in Hollywood, California.


Tournament brackets

  Opening Rounds
September 3
Quarter Finals
September 4
September 4
September 4
1  Frankie Kazarian  
16  Rocky Romero  11:02   
     Rocky Romero  
     Quicksilver  13:08   
8  Quicksilver
9  Davey Richards  10:55   
     Chris Bosh  14:48   
5  James Gibson  
12  Joey Ryan  15:59   
     James Gibson
     Chris Bosh  10:39   
4  Chris Bosh
13  El Generico  12:42   
     Chris Bosh
     AJ Styles  5:42 
6  Bryan Danielson  
11  Ricky Reyes  19:19   
     Bryan Danielson
     Christopher Daniels  18:23   
3  Christopher Daniels
14  Scott Lost  14:18   
     Bryan Danielson
     A.J. Styles  20:00   
7  Jack Evans  
10  AJ Styles  13:35   
     A.J. Styles
     Kevin Steen  7:01   
2  Kevin Steen
15  Super Dragon  33:02   

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Battle of Los Angeles

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