The Pacific Wrestling Federation (World) Heavyweight Championship is one of the three titles that make up the AJPW Triple Crown Championship. It was created in 1973 by All Japan owner Giant Baba, after he won a series of ten matches against Bruno Sammartino (twice - one win, one draw), Terry Funk, Abdullah The Butcher, The Destroyer, Wilbur Snyder (twice - one win, one draw), Don Leo Jonathan, Pat O'Connor and Bobo Brazil.

The title which had originally been classed as a world title was downgraded to regional status after All Japan joined the National Wrestling Alliance. In 1989 Jumbo Tsuruta and Stan Hansen would unify this, the NWA United National Championship and the NWA International Heavyweight title to create the AJPW Triple Crown.[1]

Title history

Wrestler Reigns Date Place Notes
Giant Baba 1 February 27, 1973 Tokyo, Japan Won a series of 10 matches.
Tor Kamata 1 June 1, 1978 Akita, Japan
Billy Robinson 1 June 12, 1978 Ichinomiya, Japan
Abdullah the Butcher 1 October 18, 1978 Utsunomiya, Japan
Giant Baba 2 February 10, 1979 Chicago, Illinois
Harley Race 1 October 26, 1982 Obihiro, Japan
Giant Baba 3 February 11, 1983 St. Louis, Missouri
Stan Hansen 1 September 8, 1983 Chiba, Japan
Giant Baba 4 July 31, 1984 Tokyo, Japan
Stan Hansen 2 July 30, 1985 Fukuoka, Japan
Riki Chōshū 1 April 5, 1986 Yokohama, Japan
Vacated in March, 1987 when Chōshū leaves for New Japan Pro Wrestling.
Stan Hansen 3 April 24, 1987 Yokohama, Japan Defeated Hiroshi Wajima in a decision match.
Genichiro Tenryu 1 March 9, 1988 Yokohama, Japan Also holds NWA United National Championship.
Stan Hansen 4 July 27, 1988 Nagano, Japan Also wins UN championship.
Jumbo Tsuruta 1 April 18, 1989 Tokyo, Japan Tsuruta, the NWA International Heavyweight Champion,
defeats Hansen to unify their three titles into the
AJPW Triple Crown Championship.


  • Longest Reign: Giant Baba (5 years, 5 months, 5 days)
  • Shortest Reign: Tor Kamata (11 days)
  • Most Reigns: Stan Hansen and Giant Baba (4 each)


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