Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Jared Steele 1 October 14, 2008 Pasadena, Texas Won a six man elimination match.
Neico 1 January 17, 2009 Pasadena, Texas
Ryan Davidson 1 July 11, 2009 Pasadena, Texas
Hero Tiger 1 March 13, 2010 Clear Lake, Texas
Kid Ransom 1 September 16, 2010 Clear Lake, Texas Won the vancant title in a combo battle royal and head to head matchup. Beat Robbie Gilmore.
Gabe Holiier 1 December 11, 2010 Clear Lake, Texas Won at Christmas Chaos when Randy Mayze hit Ransom in the back of the head with a chair.
Title retired in 2012.

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