The October 31, 2012 episode of Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV aired at 11pm on Comcast 25 in Santa Maria and Lompoc, California. This half-hour program was a special Halloween edition, using the opening from Vendetta Pro Wrestling's Terror Rising events. This episode featured two matches that had previously been released on DVD by Highlight Media.

Both matches were from the Vendetta Pro - Terror Rising 2011 event. The first, a "Vendetta Vixens" match between Amber O'Neal and Davina Rose. The second was a tag-team match between the Midnight Delight ("Sexy" Sean Casey & "The Rock of Love" Billy Blade w/ Tiana & "Wildside" Vega Velocity) and the team of "Big Nasty" Eric Watts & David Hart Smith.

The television program produced by Christopher "TAK" Clark.

Hours after the program aired on television, it was made available worldwide on Vendetta Pro Wrestling's YouTube Channel.



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Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV Episode 7 (10 31 12)30:01

Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV Episode 7 (10 31 12)

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