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October 19, 2002 Xplosion results

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October 19, 2002 Xplosion results took place in Nashville, Tennessee at the The Asylum. The event took place on October 19, 2002.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

No matches took place on this show.


We see the beginning of u Xplosion some scenes between AJ Styles and Syxx-Pac last Wednesday and also the presenters talk about last Wednesday. Prentice holds up a sign which he saw at the PPV, it was "Andy Richter + Jeremy Borash = Separated At Birth". Borash says that Scott Hall on 23 Will return in October. After the fan of the Night Competition and the feud between Lynn and Siaki is addressed, Bert hypes once more his own promotion, the United States Championship Wrestling. They feature some NWA-TNA Stars, for example, Chris Harris and Chase Stevens. Borash talks about how he and Chris Harris went on last Wednesday at the houses and the exit onto Harris all women. The match Rick and Chris Michaels vs. America's Most Wanted will be shown in sections. After the match, the Hot Shots Harris and Storm attack. After a commercial break, the match against Jarrett Hall is hyped, way to steal Borash and Bert's phone asks for Hall if he will compete at the PPV on Sunday. He should leave a message Bert: it will come on Wednesday possibly to fight against Scott Bert Prentice hall. Below is a brief review of the previous interview with Curt Hennig, and from the match, Hennig Killings. The presenters will speak about the controversial end of the fight and the rematch hype. Also there is an interview with Syxx-Pac Sean Waltman, which we have already seen last Wednesday. To get it to talk to the Fairgrounds Arena in the vernacular just Killings TNA Asylum is called and this brought into circulation. Borash is likely to once again Bert's cell phone and reserved a table in the restaurant. However, they are already fully booked, but Bert does not make a clear table, because he knows the owner. The following are highlights from the fight vs. AJ Styles. Syxx-Pac. With a final hype for next Wednesday today's edition of Xplosion comes to an end.

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