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October 17, 2006 ECW results

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The October 17, 2006 Edition of ECW is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's ECW brand, took place on October 17, 2006.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.
  • The Sandman defeated Matt Striker via count-out in a Singapore cane on a pole match at 3:46 when Striker walked out of the match after realizing he was bleeding from the forehead
  • After the bout, Mike Knox rushed to the ring but was knocked off the apron by Punk before he could get inside.
  • Punk the challenged Knox to fight him then and there but Knox backed off
  • Test pinned Balls Mahoney with a boot to the face and the TKO in an impromptu match at 2:59.
  • The match came about when Mahoney interrupted Test's in-ring promo about putting Hardcore Holly on the shelf, with Test showing footage of Holly's recent back injury and him hitting Holly in the back when Holly confronted Paul Heyman several weeks ago
  • Rob Van Dam pinned ECW World Champion The Big Show in a non-title match at 12:48 with the Five Star Frog Splash after Hardcore Holly, who came ringside moments earlier and hit an interfering Test over the head with a steel chair, hit Show twice in the head with the chair after Show grabbed at him on the floor.
  • Due to pre-match stipulations, RVD earned a shot at Show's ECW World Title.

Other Segments

  • Featured comments from fans after seeing "The Marine"
  • Included the debut of 2006 Diva finalist Rebecca DiPietro as a backstage interviewer as she spoke to both Rob Van Dam and The Big Show about their non-title match later in the show.
  • Featured a look at the action scenes in "The Marine"


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