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The OVW Women's Championship is a championship in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). The first holder of the title was ODB, who declared herself champion in August 2006. The belt was defended as any other championship in professional wrestling until Serena Deeb declared she would defend the belt under 24/7 rules in May 2008. These rules lasted until Melody won the belt in November 2008. There have been a total of forty-four reigns.

Its initial appearance was at OVW's July 12, 2006 television taping, when ODB appeared with a title belt,[1] claiming she had won it in a tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (a nod to World Wrestling Entertainment kayfabe stating that the WWE Championship and WWE Intercontinental Championship originated in tournaments in Rio de Janeiro). It was not recognized as an official OVW title originally, but after ODB began defending it on a regular basis it became an official title, and has since been won by other women.

On May 23, 2008, after winning the title for the second time, Serena Deeb proclaimed that she would defend the OVW Women's Championship at all times as long as a referee was present. This new "24/7 rule", which was a nod to the WWE Hardcore Championship, became an official part of the championship and was effectively utilized by several OVW Divas, including Deeb herself. The rule came to an end on November 12 after Melody won the title from Deeb in a fatal four way.

Current Champion

Jessie Belle is the current champion, and is in her third reign. She defeated Taeler Hendrix, Rebel, Ray Lyn, Maria James, Luscious Lexie, Lucy Blossom, The Amazing Grace, Hanna and ODB in a ten-woman battle royal to win the vacant championship on November 21, 2015. 

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