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Norsk Elite Wrestling is a Norwegian-based wrestling promotion. It is operated by Norwegian wrestler Erik Isaksen of Norwegian Wrestling Federation fame. The organization produces local shows in the Norwegian area and promotes a relatively-noticeable presence through it recorded shows and Internet outlets.


  • NEW Norwegian Championship

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Norsk Elite Wrestling events
Fitness 2010 (Night 1)Fitness 2010 (Night 2)Handelsstevnet 2010
Show 2Family ShowByfestenValdresmarken (Night 1)Valdresmarken (Night 2)9/24
Fitness 2012 (Night 1)Fitness 2012 (Night 2)4/215/26Goldagan 2012 Afternoon ShowGoldagan 2012 Evening ShowLena Mart'n 2012 Part 1Lena Mart'n 2012 Part 2Hamar Mart'n 2012Evening Show18+ Show
4/194/305/238/1710/5 (1)10/5 (2)10/6

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