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Nightmare Pro Wrestling

Nightmare Pro Wrestling is a wrestling webcomic from the same creators as Heat: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling.


In the Night­mare Uni­verse, Pro Wrestling is the most pop­u­lar form of enter­tain­ment. Mon­sters who qual­ify, join Wrestling Fed­er­a­tions in hopes of becom­ing their World Heavy­weight Cham­pion. The largest and most infa­mous of these fed­er­a­tions is Night­mare Pro Wrestling.

A young mon­ster by the name of Grave seeks to become a renowned wrestling cham­pion and leg­end. Grave grows stronger with every match, despite his cow­ardly friend and Tag Team Part­ner, Lobo, who would pre­fer to find a less demand­ing way to make it to the top.

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