NOC 15 Ziggler v Rusev

Jealousy, mind games and vengeance are all at the heart of what is no doubt Night of Champions’ most personal clash, the newly announced SummerSlam rematch between Dolph Ziggler and Rusev.

Though Ziggler vs. Rusev stopped being a strictly competitive rivalry long ago — around the time The Showoff saved Lana from The Bulgarian Brute’s boorish ways, only to then suffer a throat injury at the hands of Rusev — the personal animosity has ratcheted up to new levels in recent weeks.

Most shocking were the events of the Aug. 31 edition of Raw, when WWE cameras caught Summer entering the locker room of Ziggler, where, according to the Diva, she got more than an eyeful of Lana’s love interest. Days later on SmackDown, Rusev’s “hot Summer” addressed the controversy on “Miz TV,” claiming she and The Showoff have carried on an on-again/off-again romantic relationship for some time and that she had been “seduced” by Ziggler the locker room.

Summer’s words have further infuriated The Ravishing Russian, while Ziggler has maintained his innocence all along. Whether Summer’s account is true or just a devious ploy she and Rusev crafted to plant distrust in Lana’s mind, however, remains unclear. Lana's woes haven't ended there, either, as she severely injured her wrist while training in the ring on Sept. 6.

Lana's injury aside, at Night of Champions, The Showoff will look to take The Bulgarian Brute down a peg. Can Ziggler finally conquer the bulldozing Rusev?

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