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This is a list of wrestlers who currently wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as a list of notable alumni. The list also contains gaijins.

Contracted wrestlers


Ring name Real Name Notes
Black Strong Machine TBA N/A
Gedo TBA N/A
Hirooki Goto TBA N/A
Hiroshi Tanahashi TBA N/A
Hiroyoshi Tenzan TBA N/A
Jado TBA N/A
Jushin Liger TBA N/A
Kazuchika Okada TBA N/A
Koji Kanemoto TBA N/A
Manabu Nakanishi TBA N/A
Masahiro Chono TBA N/A
Minoru TBA N/A
Mitsuhide Hirasawa TBA N/A
Riki Chōshū TBA N/A
Ryusuke Taguchi TBA N/A
Takashi Iizuka TBA N/A
Tetsuya Naito TBA N/A
Tiger Mask IV TBA N/A
Togi Makabe TBA N/A
Toru Yano TBA N/A
Wataru Inoue TBA N/A
Yoshihiro Takayama TBA N/A
Yuji Nagata TBA N/A
Yujiro TBA N/A

Outside wrestlers

Ring name Real Name Notes
Akebono TBA N/A
Hartley Jackson TBA N/A
Mikey Nicholls TBA N/A
Milano Collection A.T. TBA N/A
Ryan Kenne TBA N/A
Sangre Azteca TBA N/A
Shiro Koshinaka TBA N/A
Takashi Uwano TBA N/A
Tomoaki Honma TBA N/A
Tomohiro Ishii TBA N/A

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