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The NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship was first defended in the Tennessee Mid-America territory from 1974 to 1981 as the NWA Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Jim Crockett Promotions then created its own version of the titles in 1984 until it was abandoned in late 1989. It was revived briefly in 1998 by NWA 2000.

The titles

Jim Crockett Promotions used it as a secondary title for main eventers to hold in between singles title runs. WCW used it for the same reason but rarely used it as a match to draw fans due to the excitement generated by seeing six men wrestling in the same match as Crockett did.

Title history

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
NWA Six-Man Tag Team Championship
Jackie Fargo, George Gulas & Dennis Hall 1 November 14, 1974 Chattanooga, TN Defeat Jerry Lawler, Don Kent & Juan Sebastian in tournament final
Big Bad John, Lorenzo Parente & John Gray 1 January 16, 1975 Chattanooga, TN
Tojo Yamamoto, George Gulas & Dennis Hall 1 February 1975 ?
Jackie Fargo, George Gulas & Dennis Hall 2 March 1975 ? Records unclear as to how they got the titles
Vacated 1975 Titles vacant
Tojo Yamamoto, George Gulas & Tommy Rich 1 October 1975 ? Win Tournament
Phil Hickerson, Dennis Condrey & Al Greene 1 October 31, 1975 ?
Tojo Yamamoto, George Gulas & Tommy Rich 2 November 1975 ?
George Gulas, Dennis Hall & Charlie Cook 1 April 1976 ?
George Gulas, Bobby Eaton & Jerry Barber 1 October 9, 1978 ? Records unclear as to who they defeated
Vacated November 1978 Barber lost loser-leaves-town match
George Gulas, Bobby Eaton & Arvil Hutto 1 December 1, 1978 Huntsville, AL Win tournament
Tojo Yamamoto, Gypsy Joe & The Beast 1 January 1979 Tullahoma, TN
George Gulas, Bobby Eaton & The Mexican Angel 1 1979 ?
Tojo Yamamoto, Dennis Condrey & Chris Colt 1 April 17, 1979 ?
Tojo Yamamoto, Great Togo & David Schultz 1 August 1979 ? Records unclear as to how they got the titles
George Gulas, Ken Lucas & Prince Tonga 1 1979 ?
Vacated October 1979 Tonga left area
George Gulas, Ken Lucas & Joey Rossi 1 November 4, 1979 Tullahoma, TN
Tojo Yamamoto, Bobby Eaton & Secret Weapon 1 November 22, 1979 Bowling Green, KY
George Gulas, Rocky Brewer & Mystery Man 1 June 5, 1980 Bowling Green, KY
Title Retired 1981 Title inactive
Revived and renamed NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
Ivan & Nikita Koloff and Don Kernodle 1 December 4, 1984 Titles Awarded
Ivan & Nikita Koloff and Krusher Khruschev 1 January 1985 Khruschev replaces Kernodle (Baron Von Raschke replaces Khruschev in January 1986 due to an injury)
Dusty Rhodes & Road Warriors 1 May 17, 1986 Baltimore, MD
Ivan Koloff & Powers of Pain 1 February 12, 1988 Philadelphia, PA
Vacated April 1988 Powers of Pain go to WWF
Dusty Rhodes & Road Warriors 2 July 9, 1988 Chicago, IL Defeated Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, & Arn Anderson to fill vacancy
Vacated October 25, 1988 Warriors turn on Rhodes
Road Warriors & Genichiro Tenryu 1 December 7, 1988 Chattanooga, TN Animal defeats Dusty Rhodes in a singles match and awards his share of the title to Tenryu
Vacated January 1989 Tenryu and Warriors stop appearing as a team due to Tenryu focusing on Triple Crown title; NWA shelves 6-man title
Revived by NWA 2000 Promotion
The Misfits 1 February 21, 1998 Overbrook, NJ Defeat the Lost Boys & Slayer
Title retired December 1998 Title abandoned

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