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The NWA Toronto United States Heavyweight Championship was the version of the United States heavyweight championship that was defended in Frank Tunney's Toronto-based Maple Leaf Wrestling. It existed from 1962 until 1973. A different version of the title was brought to the territory by The Sheik in 1974 and defended until 1977. After that, Maple Leaf Wrestling recognized the Mid-Atlantic version of the title from May 1978 until July 1984 when promoter Jack Tunney allied himself with the WWF.


Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Johnny Valentine 1 September 1962 Billed as champion on arrival in Toronto
Bruno Sammartino 1 November 22, 1962 Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine 2 December 14, 1962 Toronto, ON
John Paul Henning 1 June 1963 Washington, DC Fictitious title change
Johnny Valentine 3 July 11, 1963 Toronto, ON
The Beast 1 October 17, 1963 Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine 4 March 5, 1964 Toronto, ON
Professor Hiro 1 June 4, 1964 Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine 5 October 15, 1964 Toronto, ON Wins by referee's decision
Professor Hiro 2 October 22, 1964 Toronto, ON Wins by disqualification
Johnny Valentine 6 October 30, 1964 Toronto, ON
The Sheik 1 December 27, 1964 Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine 7 January 3, 1965 Toronto, ON
Tiger Jeet Singh 1 June 11, 1967 Toronto, Ontario Title inactive from 1968 to 1971; recognized as champion again in 1971
Vacant January 1973 Title vacated
The Sheik 2 July 1974 Reigning Detroit version champion-recognized in Toronto
Thunderbolt Patterson 1 November 19, 1976 Toronto, Ontario
The Sheik 3 December 26, 1976 Toronto, Ontario
Bobo Brazil 1 February 6, 1977 Toronto, Ontario
The Sheik 4 February 27, 1977 Toronto, Ontario
Vacated July 1977 Sheik leaves Toronto area; Mid-Atlantic version is recognized in Toronto from May 1978 until July 1984

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