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The NWA Top Ranked Television Championship was a secondary title in NWA: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, defended on the promotion's NWA Top Ranked Wrestling TV program. The title began in the then-independent Top Ranked Wrestling in 2004 as the Top Ranked Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and was renamed when TRW was purchased by ECCW in December 2005. The title was rarely defended in ECCW, however, and was abandoned a few months later.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Top Ranked Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
Randy Tyler 1 March 20, 2004 Abbotsford, BC Defeats Layne Fontaine, Skag Rollins and Freddy Funk in a four-way match to become the first champion
Nelson Creed 1 December 18, 2004 Abbotsford, BC
Machette Brown 1 March 26, 2005 Abbotsford, BC
Sweet Daddy Devastation 1 June 18, 2005 Abbotsford, BC
Randy Tyler 2 July 2, 2005 Abbotsford, BC
Sweet Daddy Devastation 2 ? ?
Vid Vain 1 December 17, 2005 Victoria, BC
Renamed NWA Top Ranked Television Championship in December 2005 after ECCW purchases TRW
Title retired 2006 Title abandoned

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