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NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Nashville, Tennessee. SAW has local broadcasts every Sunday night on Nashville’s WNAB, and throughout the country on syndicate.


SAW began as a promotion in April, 2007, by then business partners Reno Riggins and TJ Weatherby at Weatherby’s “SAW Mill,” in Millersville, Tennessee. In 2009, Riggins and Weatherby had a falling out, and Riggins left. He then began to run shows in Nashville, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. SAW then ran shows at the Former Freddie Morton's Auction House (redubbed the new "SAW Mill") which now is an Antique Shop in Columbia, Tennessee, and at the Old Armory Building in Pulaski, Tennessee. Until 2012, SAW toured as well. On November 11, 2012 SAW teamed with the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) to form the New NWA SAW, in addition, SAW returned to Millersville, Tennessee and changed their entire format going under the all new NWA SAW Branding.

As of March 2015, NWA SAW moved out of the SAWMill in Millersville, and now currently do events in different venues across Middle Tennessee.


Championship Champion(s) Previous Date Won Location
NWA Television Championship Drew Haskins Jeremiah Plunkett November 21, 2014 Millersville, Tennessee
NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Arrick Andrews Shawn Hoodrich November 21, 2014 Millersville, Tennessee
NWA Southern Tag Team Championship Kevin Weatherby and Hammerjack The Hero Killers
(Nore Havoc and Tim Renesto)
November 21, 2014 Millersville, Tennessee
NWA Southern Light Heavyweight Championship Corey Crews LBK November 21, 2014 Millersville, Tennessee

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