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The NWA Mid-America tag-team championship was a tag-team title promoted by the NWA Mid-America promotion that ran more or less exclusively in Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky from the 1940s until 1980. Originally the NWA Mid-America promoted their version of the NWA World Tag-Team titles but when they became defunct in 1977 the "Mid-American" title became the main title for the promotion.

The NWA Mid-America Tag Team Championship was held by The Mid-Night Rockers when they won The AWA World Tag Team Championship they would vacate the championship.

On January 7th of 2017 Dance N Dazzle agreed to defend the Mid America Tag Team Championship against two teams in a triple threat match. In this match Custom Made would come out the winners after Eric Draven pinned Nic Noble of the King's Court.

On February 11th 2017 Big and Tasty defeated Dance N Dazzle in a very controversial fashion when "Sweet" William Valentine threw powder in the already severely injured eye of Van Martigan, and "Playboy" Mike Trusty rolled Van up for the pinfall while holding the ropes for leverage.

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