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Champion history

Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes:
Frank Gotch 1 March 1901 Burlington, Iowa Defeated Al Wassem
Unknown title history
D. West 1 February 15, 1923 Iowa Unknown
Ted Patterson 1 1923 Iowa Unknown
Casey McCarron 1 1923 Iowa N/A
Howard Cantonwine 1 1924 Iowa N/A
Unknown title history
Frank French 1 October 21, 1932 Iowa Unknown
Unknown title history
Heinie Engel 1 August 10, 1932 Iowa Unknown
Unknown title history
Earl Wampler 1 June, 1938 Iowa Unknown
Gene Bowman 1 July 15, 1942 Des Moines, Iowa N/A
Ken Fenelon 1 October 28, 1942 Des Moines, Iowa N/A
Earl Wampler 2 September 3, 1944 Waterloo, Iowa N/A
Unknown title history
Ken Fenelon 2 March 2, 1949 Iowa Unknown
Earl Wampler 3 April 4, 1949 Iowa N/A
Unknown title history
Earl Wampler 4 May 8, 1950 Waterloo, Iowa Defeated Jack Steele in a tournament final
Ken Fenelon 3 February 28, 1951 Iowa N/A
Unknown title history
Jim Dobie 1 March, 1953 Iowa Unknown
Unknown title history
Bobby Bruns 1 1956 Iowa Unknown
Bob Geigel 1 January 15, 1957 Cedar Rapids, Iowa N/A
Ray Gordon 1 December 16, 1961 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Unknown
Title inactive from 1962-2004
Ryan Boz 1 July 31, 2004 Rock Island, Illinois Defeated Nate Webb and Danny Daniels in an elimination match.
Jimmy Jacobs 1 January 8, 2005 Muscatine, Iowa Steel cage match.
Abyss 1 February 5, 2005 Muscatine, Iowa N/A
Ryan Boz 2 July 8, 2005 Muscatine, Iowa Defeated Abyss and Tyler Black in a three-way match.
Marek Brave 1 March 11, 2006 Muscatine, Iowa Won the title in a "Double Jeopardy Tag Team Match" where the person who got pinned lost his title. The match included NWA Midwest Tag Team Champions Marek Brave & Tyler Black vs. NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Champion Danny Daniels & NWA Iowa Heavyweight Champion Ryan Boz.
Shane Hollister 1 February 2, 2007 Muscatine, Iowa N/A

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