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The NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championshipis a professional wrestling tag team title in Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling Zero1, contested exclusively among junior heavyweight (<100 kg (220 lbs)) wrestlers. It was created on December 26, 2003 when Ikuto Hidaka and Dick Togo defeated Naohiro Hoshikawa & Tatsuhito Takaiwa in a tournament final. This was during a time when ZERO1 (then known as Pro Wrestling Zero-One) was a member of the National Wrestling Alliance; since the two organizations' parting in late 2004, the NWA does not recognize or sanction it, though it retains the NWA initials. It is one of two tag team titles in ZERO1, along with the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship, typically contested among heavyweights. There have been a total of 13 recognized individual champions and 9 recognized teams, who have had a combined 9 official reigns.

Title history

Wrestlers: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo 1 December 26, 2003 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Naohiro Hoshikawa & Tatsuhito Takaiwa in a tournament final on the Rebel Z tour.
Low Ki & Leonardo Spanky 1 February 19, 2004 Tokyo, Japan Won the title on the Embers tour.
Tomohiro Ishii & Tatsuhito Takaiwa 1 June 4, 2004 Hachinohe, Japan Won the title on the Ambitious tour.
Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky (2) 1 September 19, 2004 Tokyo, Japan Won the title on the New Truth Whirlpool-1 tour.
Vacated October 2004 Vacated when ZERO-ONE leaves the NWA.
Minoru Fujita & Ikuto Hidaka (2) 1 March 27, 2005 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Alex Shelley & Leonardo Spanky on the Strong Wind & Thunder tour.
Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley 1 August 25, 2006 Tokyo, Japan Won the title at MAX LAND - Progress.
Minoru Fujita (2) & Takuya Sugawara 1 April 6, 2008 Tokyo, Japan This match at Miracle Rocket ~2nd Impact~ was also for Fujita & Sugawara's NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship.
Ikuto Hidaka (3) & Munenori Sawa 1 August 3, 2008 Tokyo, Japan Won the title on the Fire Festival tour.
Takuya Sugawara (2) & Kaijin Habu Otoko 1 September 8, 2010 Tokyo, Japan Won the title on the Euro Vintage Action tour.

List of reigns by length

As of September 9, 2010.

Wrestlers Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Ikuto Hidaka & Munenori Sawa 766 August 3, 2008 September 8, 2010
Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley 590 August 25, 2006 April 6, 2008
Minoru Fujita & Ikuto Hidaka 516 March 27, 2005 August 25, 2006
Minoru Fujita & Takuya Sugawara 119 April 6, 2008 August 3, 2008
Tomohiro Ishii & Tatsuhito Takaiwa 107 June 4, 2004 September 19, 2004
Low Ki & Leonardo Spanky 106 February 19, 2004 June 4, 2004
Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo 55 December 26, 2003 February 19, 2004
Kaz Hayashi & Leonardo Spanky 42 September 19, 2004 October 31, 2004
Takuya Sugawara & Kaijin Habu Otoko 73+ September 8, 2010 Current champions

By Individual

As of September 9, 2010

Rank Wrestler # Of Reigns Combined Days
1.Ikuto Hidaka31,337
2.Munenori Sawa1766
3.Minoru Fujita2635
4.Chris Sabin1590
4.Alex Shelley1590
6.Leonardo Spanky2148
7.Takuya Sugawara2192+
8.Tomohiro Ishii1107
8.Tatsuhito Takaiwa1107
10.Low Ki1106
11.Dick Togo155
12.Kaz Hayashi142
13.Kaijin Habu Otoko174+


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