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Title history

(n) indicates that a title change happened no later than the date listed. Silver marks in the history indicate periods of unknown lineage.

Wrestler: Times: Date Location: Notes:
Babe Kasaboski 1 March 5, 1942 Jacksonville, Florida Defeated Morris Shapiro by disqualification to become the first champion.
Bill Ludwig 1 September 4, 1944 Tampa, Florida Defeated Billy Williams.
Jerry Brisco 1 May 1981 (n) Defeated Hiro Matsuda in a tournament final.
Title later vacated.
Hector Guerrero 1 December 7, 1983 Miami Beach, Florida Defeated Dennis Brown in a tournament final.
Title abandoned in 1984 and revived by NWA Florida in 1997.
Mike Marcello 1 November 7, 1997 Gainesville, Florida Defeated Jet Jaguar and Pepe Prado in a three-way match.
Title stripped for no-showing a title defense on November 13, 1998 in Gainesville, Florida.
Buck Quartermaine 1 November 13, 1998 Gainesville, Florida Defeated White Chocolate.
Pepe Prado 1 August 5, 2000 Tampa, Florida
Lex Lovett 1 November 14, 2000 Tampa, Florida
Jet Jaguar 1 July 18, 2001 Tampa, Florida
Prince Justice 1 January 26, 2002 St. Petersburg, Florida
Naphtali 1 August 2, 2002 St. Petersburg, Florida
Title vacated when Naphtali was awarded the NWA Florida X Division Championship on January 1, 2003.
Mr. Wrestling IV 1 January 25, 2003 Ocoee, Florida Defeated Donnie York.
Title stripped on May 17, 2003 for failure to defend.
Talon 1 May 30, 2003 Ocoee, Florida Defeated Joe Woods.
C.B. Kool 1 September 20, 2003 Ocoee, Florida Defeated Talon and Rouge in a three-way match.
Kevin Rhodes 1 October 10, 2003 Parkersburg, West Virginia Won the title at the NWA 55th Anniversary Show.
Rouge 1 November 15, 2003 Ocoee, Florida
C.B. Kool 2 November 15, 2003 Ocoee, Florida
Kevin Rhodes 2 December 13, 2003 Ocoee, Florida Wrestled in the match as Midnight Rider III, but unmasked after winning.
C.B. Kool 3 March 6, 2004 Ocoee, Florida
Remix 1 August 28, 2004 Orlando, Florida
Tommy Marr 1 January 29, 2005
Vacant October 8, 2005 Marr vacates the title after winning the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship thus becoming inactive.
Chris Jones 1 October 2009 Jones defeated Prince Iaukea on March 7, 2009 in Ft. Pierce, Florida to become the Pro Wrestling Fusion Heavyweight Champion, then recognized as the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship in October 2009.
Craig Classic 1 October 23, 2009 Tampa Bay, Florida
Vacant 1 November 6, 2010 n/a
Bobby Fonta 1 October 15, 2011 Ocoee, Florida
Justin Cage 1 August 11, 2012 Orlando, Florida
Title retired 1 September 2011 n/a Title retired when CWFL splits from the NWA.

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