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NWA Empire was an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in Western New York, that operated from April 2006 until 2009. It was an affiliate of the National Wrestling Alliance. NWA Empire was started after the demise of Empire State Wrestling, which ran in the same area between 2002 and early 2007.

History & Results

NWA Empire stemmed off of the now defunct Empire State Wrestling, and became its own entity in April 2006. It is now considered to be a "sister fed" with NWA Upstate in Rochester, NY.

NWA Empire had their first show April 29, 2006 at the Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY. The show was entitled "When Worlds Collide", alluding to the combination of Empire State Wrestling and NWA Upstate's roster to serve as the roster for Empire. This show saw:

-Frank the Tank pin Kevin Grace
-JP Hawke & Purple Rain & El Lucho Grande & Brett Mednik defeated Cade Cassidy & Armand & Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston
-J-Man beat Buddy Delmar
-Final Solution lose to the team of JP Black & Big Cat Lemmer via disqualification
-Dewey beat Damien Alexander by disqualification
-Jimmy & Colin Olsen defeat Sexy Monkey & Spazz
-Gabe Saint beat Matt Kovac
-Jonny Puma pin "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher
-Brodie Lee defeat Mastiff.

The June 17th 2006 show, called "Buffalo Beatdown" in the same venue saw:

-The Kovacs beat the Barrio Boys
-Hellcat won the "Over the Top" Battle Royal
-Wrestling Express defeated The Dungeon Dudes, The Olsens & Final Solution
-Rhythm and Booze beat Brett Mednik & Kevin Grace
-Gabriel Saint defeated Spazz
-Cade Cassidy beat Ice
-Jonny Puma defeated Mastiff
-Kevin Dunn beat Chris Cooper
-Brodie Lee won over Big Cat Lemmer
-Hellcat defeat Damien Alexander via outside interference from Ice.

On September 30, 2006, NWA Empire moved to their new home at the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall to present The Next Era. Results from this show included:

-JP Hawke over Scotty Roberts
-Brandon Thurston & Benjamin Smythe defeated Da Barrio Boys
-Ice conquered Johnny Adams
-Eric Everlast beat Ron Falco by DQ
-Rhythm n Booze defeated the Kovacs, the Killer Steve's, & the All Knighters
-Synndy Synn pinned Krystal Banks
-Gabe Saint and Bret Mednik went to a double count out
-Mark Mandrake defeated Troy "The Boy" Buchanan
-Hellcat beat Chip Stetson
-Spazz & Hillbilly Dewey & Derek Duncam defeated Cade Cassidy and the Olsen's
-Mastiff beat Damien and Cooper to win the 3 Way Championship
-Kevin Dunn beat Brodie Lee.

NWA Empire returned to St. Johnsburg on November 11, 2006 for Pilgrims & Piledrivers. Results were:

-Ivan Radske defeated J.P. Hawke
-Missy Sampson defeated Synndy Synn
-Cade Cassidy defeated Brett Mednik
-Eric Everlast defeated Ron Falco after a match that started in the ring, and went into the back and out in the parking lot through the next two matches, and ended back in the ring
-The Killer Steve's & Brodie Lee & The Czar defeated The Olsen's & The Barrio Boyz
-Rhythm & Booze defeated Wrestling, Inc. to win the NWA Empire Tag Team Championship
-Chris Cooper defeated Damien Alexander
-Mark Mandrake defeated "Inferno" Johnny Adams
-Mastiff beat Gabe Saint & Kevin Grace
-Ice & Johnny Kayfabe & Troy Buchannan & Vince Beach defeated Dewkishi & The Kovacs & Tommy Mandrake
-Hellcat defeated Kevin Dunn to become the first-ever NWAE champion.

Viva la Revolution! occurred on January 27, 2007 with the following results:

-JP Hawke defeated Ivan Radske by DQ
-The Barrio Boys & Derek Duncam beat The Kovacs & Flatline
-Jimmy Olsen beat Gabe Saint
-Dunn & Marcos defeated the All-Knighters
-Ron Falco won against Eric Everlast, Cade Cassidy, & Brett Mednick
-Johnny Puma defeated Ice
-Rhythm & Booze retained the NWA Empire Tag Team Titles via DQ over The Killer Steve's
-Pepper Parks beat Brian Jennings
-Damien Alexander defeated Van Atlas
-Ian Decay & Troy Buchannan defeated Tommy Mandrake & Inferno Johnny Adams via submission
-Wrestling Inc defeated Chris Cooper
-Mastiff retained the Lord of the Dance 3 way title against John McChesney & Sterling James Keenan.

March Meltdown was the name of the March 10th, 2007 show. Results were:

-Dewmaga(w/Armando Alejandro Jones) defeated The Kovac Brothers in a handicap match
-Colin Olsen defeated Chip Stetson
-Brandon Thurston beat Chris Cooper
-Ice, Ivan Ratske, & Cade Cassidy defeated the team of Kevin Grace, JP Hawke, & Brett Mednik
-Eric Everlast defeated Gabe Saint
-Rhythm & Booze wrestled to a double count out with Spoiled Rotten
-"The Amazing" Pepper Parks defeated "Fabulous" John McChesney
-The Roadies defeated The Killer Steves
-Damien Alexander won a specialty match that started as a battle royal until three men remained, then became a three-way dance. The winner of the three-way dance (Alexander) receives a title shot at the Lord of the Dance (3-Way) title at the next show, while the loser of the 3-way dance (Benjamin Smythe) was fired from NWA Empire.
-"The Mastiff" Will Christianson successfully defended the NWA Empire Lord of the Dance title against Ron Falco and JP Black
-Marc Mandrake defeated Tommy Mandrake
-Hellcat & Brodie Lee vs. Jonny Puma & Jimmy Olsen ended in a no-contest.

A little over a year after NWA Empire's first show, they presented the First Anniversary Show on May 19, 2007.

-The Killer Steves beat The McCloud Brothers three times
-NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Hellcat defeated Derek Duncum
-The All-Knighters were victorious over the New Wrestling Inc. (Brandon Thurston & James Santelli)
-The Kovac Brothers & Ivan Radske overcame the team of Tommy Mandrake, Spazz, & Dewey Rhodes
-NWA Upstate Heavyweight Champion Brodie Lee defeated NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Hellcat to become the new NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion
-Pepper Parks defeated Brodie Lee for the NWA Empire Heavyweight Championship
-The Jump Off defeated Brett Mednik & J.P. Hawke, Cade Cassidy & Ice, and Final Solution in a four-way tag match
-Cloudy lost to Cheech
-Jimmy Olsen defeated "Fabulous" John McChesney
-Rhythm & Booze successfully defended the NWA Empire Tag Team Championship against The Roadies
-Colin Olsen won the NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Championship defeating Mastiff & Damien Alexander
-Troy Buchanan won a six-man elimination match over Dicky Sanches, Chris Cooper, Van Atlas, Ian Decay, and Johnny Adams.
-Jonny Puma won a Loser Leaves New York match against "The Suicide Messiah" Marc Mandrake.

Empire once again returned to St. Johnsburg for Red, White & Bruised on July 21, 2007.

-"Mr. 300" JP Hawke defeated The Masked Superstar
-"Diamond" Dave Marcos w/Nikki Jett defeated Tag Team Champion "The Tennessee Strangler" Buddy Delmar w/Col. Kayfabe
-Final Solution (w/Mandi Stroyer) won a Tag Team Gauntlet match defeating The Kovac Brothers, The McCloud Brothers, The Retro-Wrestling Connection (Troy Buchanan & Rex Atkins), & Wrestling Inc.
-"Party Boy" Brett Mednik defeated Derek Duncam
-"Inferno" Johnny Adams defeated "The Rican Sensation" Maximo Suave, Ice, Cameron Mills 90210, James Santel, Spazz and Luis Whiteshoes in a Scramble match
-Pepper Parks beat "The Master of the Setting Sun" Gabe Saint w/Baby Girl Reese to retain the NWA Empire Heavyweight title
-Chip Stetson, Synndy &Mastiff defeated "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee, Stargazer, & Mary Mantha
-"I Can't Drive 55" Sammy Dunn defeated Tag Team Champion Frank The Tank w/Col. Kayfabe
-Jonny Puma defeated Tommy Mandrake
-"American Dragon" Bryan Danielson defeated Fergal Devitt in a Quarterfinal match in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

NWA Empire presented Juiced! on September 15, 2007.

-Dewmaga defeated "Mr. 300" J.P. Hawke
-"The Rican Sensation" Maximo Suave defeated Luis Whiteshoes
-Cheech defeated "The Master of the Setting Sun" Gabe Saint
-NWA Empire Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze (w/Col. Kayfabe) defeated Final Solution (w/Mandi Stroyer) by disqualification
-The Texas Outlaws defeated Club Elite
-Upstate World Champion Jimmy Olsen defeated Mastiff
-Colin Olsen & Big Cat defeated CloudLee ("One Hit Wonder" Cloudy & "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee
-Troy Buchanan defeated "Party Boy" Brett Mednik
-Brandon Thurston defeated Benjamin Smythe
-Jonny Puma defeated NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks in a non-title match.

The last show of 2007 was Corporate Holiday on December 8, 2007.

-The Blue Dewey defeated "Mr. 300" J.P. Hawke by DQ
-"The Amazing" Kevin Grace pinned Chris Cooper
-Colin Olsen retained his NWA Empire Lord of the Dance title against Jimmy Olsen and Mastiff
-Troy Buchannan & Ice defeated The Wyld Stallions & Final Solution
-Gabe Saint defeated Stargazer
-Blackjack Phoenix defeated Spazz
-Brett Mednik & Johnny Adams beat The Latin Solidiers
-Glenn Dillion defeated Tommy Mandrake
-Kyle & Evan McCloud defeated Rhythm & Booze to win the NWA Empire Tag Team championships
-NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks and Jonny Puma wrestled to a double countout.

NWA Empire returned in 2008 with Blizzards & Brainbusters on February 9, 2008.

-JP Hawke defeated Grand Master Dewey
-John McChesney defeated Brodie Lee
-The McClouds retained the Tag Team titles over The Killer Steves & The Latin Soldiers
-Blackjack Phoenix defeated Green Genie
-Kevin Grace defeated Tommy Mandrake
-Rhythm & Booze defeated Final Solution
-Coconut Jones vs Spazz went to a no contest due to interference by Big Cat Lemmer
-Stargazer defeated Gabe Saint and Super Assassin to win the vacant NWA Empire Lord Of The Dance championship
-Mike McGee defeated Glenn Dillion
-Jimmy Olsen defeated Mastiff
-Ice and Chris Cooper defeated Brett Mednik and Johnny Adams
-Jonny Puma defeated Pepper Parks to win the NWA Empire Heavyweight Championship.

Empire's 2nd show of 2008 was the 2nd Anniversary Show on April 12, 2008.

-JP Hawke defeated "Fat Ass" Dewey Gunn in a Buffalo Bowling Ball Brawl.
-Star Gazer defeated Gabe Saint.
-Blackjack Phoenix and Tommy Mandrake were the final 2 remaining in a battle royal, and then wrestled for a title shot at the next show. Blackjack Phoenix defeated Tommy Mandrake to earn a title shot at the next show.
-Ron Falco defeated Brandon Thurston.
-Rhythm & Booze defeated Dunn & Marcos.
-Mastiff defeated Pepper Parks.
-Johnny Adams defeated Maximo Suave.
-Ice & Chris Cooper defeated Evan McCloud & Eric Everlast.
-Johnny Puma defeated Kevin Grace.

NWA Empire's next show is scheduled for June 21, as Buffalo Beatdown 2 is presented at the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in North Tonawanda, NY. No matches are known at this time.


Champions listed are current champions in NWA Empire, as of the page's last update.


NWA Empire uses many current rising stars from the Buffalo and Rochester areas. The complete list of wrestlers who have appeared include:


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