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NWA: TNA The Music, Vol. 2 was the second CD released from NWA: TNA, in late 2003. Like NWA: TNA The Music, Vol. 1, it was not available in stores and had to be purchased from TNA's website. All of the tracks were composed by TNA's musician, Dale Oliver.

Track listing

  1. "My World" (Remix) (Jeff Jarrett)
  2. "3 Live K" (3Live Kru)
  3. "Guilty" (America's Most Wanted)
  4. "Down with the Brown" (D'Lo Brown)
  5. "I Am" (Phenomenal Remix) (A.J. Styles)
  6. "KK Rocks" (Kid Kash)
  7. "Y'alla Never Forget" (Elix Skipper)
  8. "Funk With" (New York Connection)
  9. "Down in the Catacombs" (Abyss)
  10. "Symphonic Anarchy" (Legend)
  11. "TNA Theme"
  12. "Scream" (Raven)
  13. "Deep" (Shane Douglas)
  14. "Snap This" (Justin Credible)
  15. "XXX Gonna Give It" (Triple X)
  16. "F.U. System" (Vince Russo)
  17. "Machine" (Michael Shane)
  18. "Modern Oz" (Chris Sabin)
  19. "Skinn" (Sonny Siaki)
  20. "Dodging Bullets" (featuring Goldy Locks) (Trinity)

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