The NAW Women's Championship, a title within the New Age Wrestling, was created in 2007.

The title was first awarded in a battle royal. The winner was Sara Jay and amongst the participants was the debuting Kellie Skater under the name of "Moppy". Sara soon lost the title to Vixsin who for the next four to five years battled for the title with Lowzen. The two exchanged title victories until the run was broken by Nikita Naridian in 2011.

Arguably the greatest title match took place at NAW War Games on November 19, 2011. In a street fight that included an ironing board and thumb tacks, reigning champion Nikita Naridian defeated Lowzen and Vixsin in what Nikita later described as her best match to date.

The title is presently inactive, but it has been re-activated once before during one of Lowzen's reigns as champion. Vixsin has won the title three times and Lowzen and Siren Monroe have won it twice.

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