The NAW South Pacific Championship, a title within the New Age Wrestling, was created in 2006 as the NAW Cruiserweight Championship.

The first champion was crowned in a battle royal, and was won by the Thunder Kid. He lost the title to Scorpion and not long after the name of the title was changed to the South Pacific Championship.

The title has been vacated five times, three times due to injury (including the current vacancy) and twice due to wrestlers leaving the company. Only once has the vacancy been filled by a tournament, and it was an unusual tournament in that it was based on match victories rather than eliminations. Only Sheik El Zacqwi and Slikk Steev won both of their matches to contest the final that the Sheik won.

Four wrestlers who won this title went on to win the NAW Heavyweight Championship - Zacqwi, Ryan O'Hare, Jarek Craven and Jake Lindo. Two wrestlers won this title after having won the heavyweight title - Iron Horse Morrison and Josh Shooter. No wrestler has ever won this title more than once.

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