The Monkey Flip is a professional wrestling move.

This move, often referred to as a Monkey climb in British wrestling, involves an attacking wrestler, who is standing face-to-face with an opponent, hooking both hands around the opponent's head before then bringing up both legs so that they place their feet on the hips/waist of the opponent; making the head hold and the wrestlers' sense of balance the only things allowing both wrestlers to be in an upright position. At this point, the attacking wrestler would shift their weight so that they fall backwards to the mat while forcing the opponent to fall forwards with them only to have the attacking wrestler push up with their legs forcing the opponent to flip forwards, over the wrestler's head, on to their back. This move is most commonly performed out of a ring corner. This is due to it being easier to climb on to an opponent while in the corner as balance is easily retained, and it allows the maximum length of ring to propel the opponent across.