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Mock combat involves the execution of combative actions without intent to harm. Participants can engage in such sparring for ritual, training, recreational or performance reasons. The nature of mock combat can vary from realistic to symbolic.

One can distinguish two types of mock combat: choreographed and unchoreographed.

Unchoreographed mock combat

  • Display behaviour in tournament species
    • threat display
  • ritual battle
    • Tinku
  • Battle reenactment
  • Military simulation or ar games

Choreographed mock combat

  • Stage combat
  • Theatrical fencing
  • Cinematic fencing
  • Arranged performance fighting
  • Professional wrestling
  • War dance
    • Capoeira
    • Kailao
  • Kata in Japanese martial arts
  • Hyung, or poomsae (in Korean martial arts)

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