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Miss Prig is a wrestling manager and valet. She seen mostly on the independent circuit working for the Illinois-based promotion Resistance Pro where she works at the "therapist" to wrestler Jesse Corgan.


Prig describes her start in professional wrestling as having met Billy Corgan, who asked her to work as the in-ring therapist to his brother Jesse. She states she was fond of the business from an early age, watching Hulk Hogan during the prime of his career in the '80s. Since joining Resistance Pro, Miss Prig has enjoyed both the business and the company she associates with, describing the people there as "the sweetest group of people she has ever met".

Personal life

Prig trains on poles and exercises regularly in yoga. She has also hinted at a possibility of entering the ring as a wrestler. Prig also expresses being a big fan of the band Smashing Pumpkins.

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