The following is a listing of events that Elizabeth Heulette has participated in.


  • November 22 - WCW Monday NITRO #218 at Palace Of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan: Meng defeated Miss Elizabeth by DQ
  • November 29 - WCW Monday NITRO #219 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado: Miss Elizabeth vs. Rhonda Singh ended in a No Contest


  • May 8 - WCW Monday NITRO #242 at Trans World Dome in St. Louis, Missouri: Elizabeth defeats Daffney by DQ
  • May 9 - WCW Thunder #110 at Springfield, Illinois: Elizabeth defeated Rhonda Singh
  • May 15 - WCW Monday NITRO #243 at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi: Elizabeth vs. Madusa ended in a No Contest

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