Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance (MMWA) is an American independent professional wrestling promotion based in St. Louis, Mo. MMWA is recognized as the only current wrestling promotion run in the actual city of St. Louis. The events are held at the South Broadway Athletic Club once a month and sporadically in nearby St. Louis areas. They are the spiritual successor to the St. Louis Wrestling Club and home of the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame.



(From left to right) Timmy Miller, Herb Simmons, Tony Costa

MMWA currently airs a 30-minute television program called The Wild World of Wrestling on Fridays on Channel 18 in Missouri & Channel 8 in Illinois on Charter Digital Cable at 6:00 p.m. in the St. Louis area.


Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won
MMWA Championship Brandon Espinosa David Osborne June 8, 2013
Wild World of Wrestling Television Championship A.J. Williams Jimmy D August 10, 2013
MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Andrew Wilder J-Mal Swagg
Vacated due to A.J. Williams capturing WWoW Tv Championship
August 10, 2013
MMWA Tag Team Championship Vacant


January 1, 2013
MMWA Battle Royal Championship Webmaster Stevie K Mephisto December 7, 2013



Name Notes Role
Ace Hawkins Face
A.J. Williams Wild World of Wrestling Television Champion Face
Andrew Wilder MMWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Heel
Brandon Espinosa MMWA Champion Face
Brian James Face
Da'Marius Jones Face
David Osborne 2012 King of Cable Cup Winner Heel
Gary Jackson Face
Jack Gamble Inactive due to Injury Face
Jackson Whitechapel Heel
J-Mal Swagg Face
Jimmy D Heel
Jon Webb Face
Kevin Esparza Face
Lumberjack Abe Heel
Lumberjack Gabe Heel
Matt King Face
Mephisto Heel
Michael Magnuson Face
Moondog Rover Heel
Phil E Blunt Face
Webmaster Stevie K MMWA Battle Royal Champion Face


  • Jim Harris
  • Jay King
  • Nick Ridenour

Announcing Team

Wild World of Wrestling

  • Ben Simon
  • Sean Orleans
  • Tim Miller

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