Michinoku Pro Wrestling (also known as North Eastern Wrestling) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion, founded by The Great Sasuke in 1993. Michinoku Pro was the first independent wrestling promotion in Japan to not base its operations in Tokyo, but rather in Morioka, Iwate. The predominant wrestling style of the promotion is lucha libre, but Michinoku Pro has accepted wrestlers from various styles (such as shoot style and strong style) and backgrounds over the years.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Date Won
Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion Fujita Jr Hayato December 12, 2008
Tohoku Tag Team Champion Kesen Numajiro and Kinya Oyanagi March 15, 2009
UWA World Tag Team Champion Shu and Kei Sato December 3, 2008

Defunct Championships

Championship First Champion Final Champion Date Retired
UWA World Welterweight Championship Villano III Takeshi Minamino 2004
British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Championship Doc Dean Jun Ogawauchi December 7, 2003
UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship Cesar Valentino Diluvio Negro II 2007
Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship The Great Sasuke Ikuto Hidaka abandoned on May 15, 2002

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