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Michelle Collier (born Ashley Michelle Collier) is a female wrestler that started as a fetish model before getting into wrestling and back into being an adult model/wrestler. She was born in Savannah, Georgia where at 12 years old, entered child pagents; winning most she entered and retired from modeling at age 21. Michelle wasn't noticed again until her early to mid 30's where she was asked to be a referee for a small wrestling organization, at the time called Florida Apartment Championship Wrestling, in 2005. In January 2006, Michelle began to train as a wrestler where she had her 1st wrestling  match again the companies CEO, Sarah-Michelle at a venue called Rachel's in Orlando, Florida. From there, Michelle continued to train and later became their wrestling champion; losing the title and winning it back often. The company was bought out in 2007 by another Florida company; where Michelle then wrestled a pro style match once before quitting and opening up her own adult/fetish modeling/wrestling website.

In wrestling

When Michelle had her first match in 2006, she defeated the companies owner, Sarah-Michelle. Michelle continued to train with her and another wrestler named Jill Jones (Jill Monroe) until later that year, Michelle

Michelle gives her move, 'Breast Buster' (aka pedigree) to a fallen foe

beat the undefeated champion and took the title from a woman in the organization named, Kristin. Michelle also began to  use a move to win that she called the breast buster (pedigree).

Michelle won and lost the title many times until 2007 (July) when she faced a former champion named, Rochelle Pleskatova (sometimes called Romana Pleskatova) in a taped event; inside a 12 foot by 12 foot dog kennel that was a 'sex fight' or a sexual domination type fight, Michelle brutally lost the title and the company was bought out 2 months later by another Florida company, Florida Championship Wrestling. This new company bought out the licensing and up coming shows.

With the new company, Michelle wrestled 1 pro match before quitting in 2007 and opening up her own site.

Championships and accomplishments

Florida Apartment Championship Wrestling championship, Hardbodies Wrestling Championship, Tennessee Hardbodies Championship title, Cabbage Patch winner (2005)



Michelle continues to do commercial work (TV and print commercials) as well as be an extra in a few films (mostly adult). She works on her website with her good friend, Hollywood (Jeanne Basone) where they do videos together as well as work together for a joint business they are helping to develop called Hardbodies Wrestling Team

Publications and Special Events

  • Hardbodies Wrestling Spotlight Calendar Girl (2007)
  • Spotlight Wrestler for Weird and Sexy for July 2009
  • Catfight Fantasy Girls (Interview March 2010)
  • Skin Sexy Mag (Aug 2010)
  • Fletcher-Martin Agency model
  • SexStar Mag. Feature Model (Feb 2012)
  • Liverpool Nightlife Mag (2010)
  • Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir Photography Spokes Model (March 2014)
  • Simply Beach catalogue cover model (Summer 2014)

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