Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & CM Punk were a commentator team for WWE Monday Night Raw from November 22, 2010 until December 20, 2010.


CM Punk was traded back to the Raw brand on October 11 after being swapped with Edge. Punk took part in the interbrand tag team match at Bragging Rights after injuring Evan Bourne to win a place, but the team lost. It was reported later that he was suffering with a hip injury that would stop him from competing. To keep a presence on television, he began commentating on Raw from November 22 having already commentated once on NXT. During his commentary, he criticized John Cena for his actions against The Nexus. Sometimes he favored heel wrestlers over face wrestlers. At the end of December, Punk left the commentary team after assaulting John Cena on Raw and SmackDown with a chair.